Hello. ✌🏻 Welcome to my personal site.

My thing is building software with people.

I spend most of time doing this as CTO at Wonderbly, where we help people share their love for each other through unique and beautiful books. We’re usually hiring.

Below is a feed of some things I do with what’s left of my time.


Just made Indiekit work with Blot. Quite chuffed about that ☺️


Memorable books of 2021

Books I read in 2021 that I will remember for a long time.


How to write PR descriptions

Wonderbly's guide to the art of creating a good PR


Coding for other people

Wonderbly's guide to being a considerate developer, written by Hraban Luyat


Engineering career ladder

A structured career ladder for small engineering teams


Let people go

Don't hold on to people for too long


Simple sprint planning

This note outlines a simple process for managing a backlog of work. It is basically a slimmed down version of Scrum. Or a mildly pimped up version of Kanban.